Lotus Loyalty Membership


You don't have to compromise on your beauty and wellness needs. Get service at Yuma's Best at the discount YOU select! 

Basic: $49

Service Discount 10%


Product Discount 5%




Premier: $89

Service Discount 15%


Product Discount 10%





Elite $139

Service Discount 20%


Product Discount 15%






Here’s How It Works! 


  • Choose the level that fits best within your budget and the best date for your automatic payment (The 1st or the 16th of the month)
  • 100% of your monthly dues are applied to an account to pay for ANY service or product you want, for as long as you are enrolled.  
  • You'll continue to enjoy your discount ALL MONTH LONG, even if you've already used up your prepaid amount. 




Do my dues expire? NOPE! Should you have to terminate your membership, your funds will remain on account for you to use on any regular priced services or products. 


Cancellation: We simply require 30 days notice for cancellation. Memberships cannot be cancelled in the same month as enrollment. Email cancellation to info@lotusdayspa.com OR submit it in writing to one of our front desk team members.


What happens when I use up my account balance? You can continue to enjoy your discount all month long for as long as you are enrolled and your account is current.  You will never have a negative account balance, any additional purchases can simply be charged with your preferred payment method. 


Can I put my membership on hold? You can put the membership on a one time hold for a 90 day period.  


Can I book online? Yes, your account credits can be applied to online booking. 


Can I share my membership?  Since the program allows for unlimited discounted services and products, sharing is not permitted. 


Can I apply my discounts to specials or packages?  Discounts cannot be combined unless specified in the promotion. 


Autopay Renewal date: You can select between the 1st or the 16th for your autoEFT.  Our system requires a current card on file in order to be a member. 



  • Declined credit card charge incurs $25 Declined charge fee. 
  • Your "no show" or "same day reschedule/cancellation" fees are deducted from your account balance or will be charged to the card on file. 
  • Memberships are not transferable and cannot be shared.