Eyelash Extension Services

Lotus Day Spa & Salon uses only LashX faux mink lashes

These luxurious, faux mink lashes are created to be light and gentle on the lash, while still being strong enough to hold their shape. By nature, they are healthier for the lash, as they bend and move with the natural hair. The soft, lightweight hair eliminates any poking or discomfort that often comes with traditional synthetic lashes.


Lashes come in a variety of curls and lengths.  Consult with your technician for the best fit for your look and lifestyle.



The J – Curl is the straightest lash curl. The lash is straight at the base, and curls towards the tip, much like the shape of the letter J. This curl is perfect for Asian lashes or clients with straighter lashes.
The B – Curl is the middle and most popular lash curl.
The C – Curl is the curliest lash curl, shaped much like the letter C. The more dramatic curl best adheres to those with curlier natural lashes or African-American lashes.

Full Set of Lash Extensions $195.00
    Includes a 10-day touch-up 

Lash Fill $95.00
    Every 4-6 weeks 

Lash Mini Fill $75 
    Every 2-3 weeks