Texture Tonic- I need it!

Formulated with salt and sugar, Aveda’s new Texture Tonic can enhance your hand made curls, or can be used on wet hair to air dry into waves naturally. Sugar and salt fuse together to create that tousled texture and hold, with touchable softness and shiny locks. I’m over the crunchy, drying sea salt sprays. Where do I sign up?

After trying and eventually giving up on sea salt sprays, I resorted to creating these looks with my hot hair tools, which did take a toll on my hair. With the Yuma heat, plus a curling iron, PLUS a hair dryer, my hair was drier than the desert landscape. With Aveda’s new spray, I don't have to wake up earlier to heat style, and my hair gets a break. The sugar helps keep my hair soft and moisturized, while getting the benefits of the texture.

Luckily, we have these babies in stock, and I’m going to have to snag one before they sell out!
Just look at how great Hailey’s hair looks, styled by Lenitza.