Self Care Series- Water-Shmater

Hello Lotus Tribe!

I'm starting a mini series on the importance of self care. Lotus Day Spa believes in taking care of yourself, giving you the space and resources to feel great and get more compliments. Over the course of the series, i'm going to highlight some techniques, tips, and tricks to help you feel great everyday at Lotus and with Aveda products. Yay!

Water. H20. Water and I have such a rollercoaster of a relationship.

Trying to drink the recommended 100 oz of water daily is the most challenging thing i've done in terms of self care. It's plain, doesn't taste that great, and I struggled this past week with my water intake. I want to challenge the Lotus Tribe, let's drink our water every day this week! Here's how:

1. Drink water out of a water bottle that you actually LOVE.

Invest in a swell or hydroflask- at Lotus we have pretty ones that you can purchase, too! (great for the environment!)

2. Infuse your water with fruits, herbs, or vegetables. 

Add flavor and perk yourself up with a fresh and healthy flavor. (I suggest any in season fruits! Blueberries, yum)

3. Keep water with you at all times.

I find it helpful when I have my water bottle next to my work station, and every time I even think about water, I drink! It helps me continuously sip throughout the workday. Also keeping my water bottle by my bedside so I can rehydrate after my 8 hours!

4. Make a routine out of it. 

Every time I cleanse my face before bed, I drink. Every morning when I moisturize, I drink. When I'm joining a new habit with one that I already have established, it makes it WAY easier. Trust me. 

Anecdotally, I've noticed a HUGE change in my overall well being just by making the effort to drink more water.

I feel more energized, and my skin is clearer- something that coffee sometimes can't fix. ;)

Skin care is the foundation of feeling great- and what we put in our bodies reflects on the outside. Keeping up with our skin care routine, monthly facials, and being aware of what we are consuming is the ultimate tip I can give. 

Join the challenge & feel great this week, Lotus fans!