DIY Aveda Baby Wipes

DIY Shampure Baby Wipes

These wipes are perfect for the family looking for a more natural alternative to care for their bundles of joy.

- Heavy duty paper towels (12 count)
- Shampure Hand and Body wash (5 pumps)
- Shampure Composition (10 drops)
- Distilled water (1 cup)
- Ziplock quart sized bag

In a large cup add the water, hand/body wash, composition, and stir.
Place paper towels in the ziplock bag. THen slowly start to add the water mixture making sure to get all the napkins wet but not too soggy.
You can add more or less of the the body wash and composition to make the wipes more aromatic. Just keep in mind that the more body wash you add the more soapy/bubbly your wipes will be.