Crunchy curls are a 90's throwback, so why use harsh gels and mouses to define your lovely locks when you can have soft, bouncy curls?

Textured hair is a challenge but if you use the right products you can tame your mane. First of all you don't want to brush or comb out curly hair. What you want to remember is the more you play with it, the bigger it gets. All curly hair is different so someone with fine, curly hair isn't going to use the same product or quantity of product as someone with thicker hair.

For someone with thick curly hair: use Aveda Smooth Infusion Style Prep. This product will defend against any humidity for up to 12 hours. You will also want to use Aveda Be Curly Style Prep, this product will add moisture to your hair and define your curls.
**With these two products you will only need one to two pumps and your thick curly hair will be manageably soft and flowing.

Now for those of you that have fine, curly hair: use the Be Curly Style Prep and Be Curly Enhancing Hair Spray. Both of these will tame down frizz, enhance and hold your curl while staying bouncy and soft.
**You will want to use half to one pump of both styling aids. All your product should be applied to wet hair.

No matter if it's fine or thick, the following rules will make you look great quick!

1. Apply the product to the ends of the hair, working your way up. If there is too much product close to your scalp it will look greasy faster.
2. You could diffuser to dry it but I recommend just letting it dry naturally to reduce the risk of any frizz.
3. If your curly hair has been feeling dry these products will help restore that moisture. Try to go with the amount of washing you can tolerate to help keep your natural oils in good balance.
4. If you need to wash your curly hair between styling, you can't live without Aveda Be Curly Co Wash. This is a sulfate free wash that will moisturize your hair and help define ringlets while adding natural humectants for healthy supple strands of curls!



How to: Cure your ugly cry!


Lets face it, Kim Kardashian isn’t the only one of us guilty of the dreaded “ugly cry.”(as you can see above! LOL - image found on google) You know that cry that goes from a gentle singular tear to massive amounts of blubbering that could cure a drought?  We’ve been ugly crying ever since our parents first told us “no”, when Rose let go of Jack, and every time your bills get automatically taken out of your bank account.  And even though an ugly cry feels nice and cathartic, the red nose, puffy eyes, and (if you wear mascara) the inevitable black streak marks on your cheeks isn’t a good look on anyone.  So here are some quick ways to slap some happy back on your face.

First things first: ditch the red eyes just like Rose ditched Jack straight in the Atlantic Ocean (no I’m still not over it) with some redness-relieving eye drops to reveal brighter, more awake-looking eyes.


Step #2: Remove your undereye makeup…and if you really cried yourself a river go ahead and just remove it all girl. Grab some Lash X protein removing pads to wipe your sorrows away.


Step #3: Rehydrate & Revitalize with Botanical Kinetics toning mist and the Tourmaline Charged radiance fluid to achieve a pretty glow. To decrease eye puffiness with Botanical Kinetics Energizing Eye Crème that has plant based caffeine and licorice root to de-puff and diminish dark circles.


Step#4: Grab the Aveda Inner light powder in your color, to even out your skin tone and appear more awake. Take the Illuminate Petal Essence shade run it in your inner-eye corner, cupids bow, and on top of your cheekbones for an added glow. Grab some blush, Mosscara and Nourishmint Lip Glaze of your choice (my favorite is Morning Rose) to take your look from “Um do you need a tissue?” to something soft and pretty. 


Don’t stress out about your ugly cry face; turn it into something beautiful!