Want thick, full hair? or Smooth, sleek hair?

Thanks to Aveda's latest innovation in hair products, we can get the look we want time after time, EVERY TIME!

Should I use THIS?
paul mitchell curling iron

or That?
flat iron

Unfortunately, I won’t be helping you solve that dilemma. Instead, I’m going to help you get thicker curls and smoother locks.

STEP ONE. Spend a good 30 minutes staring at your morning hair, debating between luscious, bouncy curls or smooth, sleek strands. Once you’ve made that MAKE IT OR BREAK IT decision, you’ll want to pick a couple of products to get you the perfect ‘do!

For thick bountiful curls: Pick up some Brilliant Damage Control and spray throughout hair wet, damp or dry. Grab some Pure Abundance Style Prep and spray that at the root of your damp hair(Skip if your hair is dry). Finally, grab the Holy Grail Thickening Tonic and spray through hair. You’ll want to use your blow drier to set the products and then curl as usual.

*Disclaimer: You will have thick, volumes of envy-worthy hair when you’re done! Please clear all pathways and take wide right turns!

For sleek, smooth hair: You’ll want to start off with damp hair for this one! First apply Smooth Infusion Naturally Straight from root to tip in ponytail-sized sections. Next, pump some Smooth Infusion Style-Prep throughout hair and spray Volumizing Tonic at the root. You’ll want to blow-dry with a paddle brush and finish off with your straightener and to keep your frizz in check all day, use ONE pump of Light Elements Smoothing Fluid on any flyaway and the ends of your hair!

*Voila! You have the perfect, sleek hair look. Prepare to be a head turner all day, and keep some extra shades on hand for those unable to tolerate your BLINDINGLY shiny locks!


iPhone = New Gym Buddy

Why is it the season associated with the most relaxation sends us into the biggest stress mode? Trying crazy fad diets, counting calories, hitting the gym twice a day, then binging back all those burned calories because “YOU EARNED IT!!” Have you noticed how it seems your dedication only lasts 4 LONG HARD days? “I CAN'T stay motivated!” “I DON’T HAVE TIME to keep up!” - the excuses just pour out of us.

Even #TeamLotus falls into that trap, so we dug down and established a FULLY COMMITTED wellness environment(Yoga and all!) We’ve been testing some popular wellness android and iPhone apps. Here is our take:

My Fitness Pal - This AWESOME Under Armor app helps us count our calories by giving us the ultimate food and exercise diary with an expansive database. Depending on your weight goals, age, height, and current weight, it gives you a calorie intake goal and subtracts calories as you log your food, adds calories as you log exercise and keeps you in check by notifying you when you eat good OR bad foods. Talk about the ultimate coach! It gets a Lotus 5-star rating!

Ultra Fitness - This app is instrumental in reaching your goals. It gives you workout ideas, meal plans and recipes. Never get bored with your food or exercise routines again! This ESPECIALLY gives those of us with little to no cooking skills the extra push towards a healthy lifestyle!

Run Keeper - This app is by far our favorite workout app (yes, we consider jogging a 12m mile running.) This app tracks your running, hiking, biking, canoeing whatever your favorite activity is) by using your location. It informs you of your distance, pace, time and calories burned. It also tracks your work out behavior and motivates you to keep sweating regularly! It’s a 6-star rating in our book!