The Cosmo Beauty Lab review Aveda Invati

A hair care system that promises to reduce hair loss by 33%? Cosmo’s Victoria Horn tries the products and treatment on her lifeless locks.


Lotus Day Spa & Salon is getting rave reviews on our Invati products, they give Yuma women back what they’ve lost, the confidence from a beautiful head of thick hair.  Call us at 928-345-4744 for a consultation and to try Invati today.


They say: A hair care system produced from 97% naturally derived ingredients, that reduces hair loss by 33%. The hero ingredient being turmeric, it is known to be a powerful spice for visibly ageing hair and scalps and is used as an anti-inflammatory because of its antioxidant properties. Combining the latest scientific advances, Aveda created Densiplex, a potent herbal mix of ingredients that help to energize and rehabilitate the scalp, in turn, preventing hair breakage.


The three step Invati regime is made up from an Exfoliating Shampoo, a Thickening Conditioner and a Scalp Revitalizer.


We say: Being a bottle blonde, I’ve always suffered with hair breakage and I definitely didn’t inherit the ‘thick hair gene’ from my mother. Instead, I have to put up with lifeless, lank locks, that don’t seem to grow, ever.


The Invati at-home regime

For one month I traded in my normal shampoo and conditioner, for the Invati three step system, and I must say, the results were quite impressive. The exfoliating shampoo is used to clean the scalp by removing the build-up of product residue and sebum. The thickening conditioner is massaged into the scalp rather than the roots, which scared me at first, because conditioner normally leaves my hair greasy if applied anywhere but the ends but it has been clinically proven to thicken hair by penetrating the root and strengthening it with natural amino acids and after blow-drying my hair I was pleasantly surprised with the healthy looking shine and weightlessness. The third step, the scalp revitalizer, is the strongest of the three products and uses turmeric and ginseng to revitalize the scalp around the hair follicles.


The product needs to be applied twice daily, which, for me, proved to be slightly difficult. It has a very strong, distinct smell, and with my busy schedule, I found it hard to make time to apply it on a morning and leave time for it to dry in, but always managed to apply it before bed. I found the best way to apply the spray was to section my hair evenly and cover each side of my head with eight squirts that covered the whole scalp, before massaging it in. I noticed that after using it, once it dried in (after about 30mins), my hair looked immediately thicker and had more volume because it had a slight lift at the roots, probably created from the massaging and to my disbelief, didn’t look greasy, at all.


After two weeks, I noticed a significant reduction in the amount of hair I used to lose when brushing alone. I no longer needed to remove the handful of hair from my Tangle Teezer that came with every brushing session. When the month was over, I felt like my hair had life back in it and definitely looked healthier. I know the products are a tad on the expensive side but I would really recommend the regime to anyone that worries about hair thinning and loss.


The Invati in-salon treatment

Aveda also offer a professional in-salon treatment, which is part of their Botanical Therapy Range. You can get the scalp detox treatment without moving from the salon chair. The treatment can be done alone or as an addition to your normal cut or colour. The pampering session isn’t only for those with hair loss problems; it can be used by regular customers who need the build-up of product residue removing from their scalp.


I thoroughly enjoyed the relaxing head massage and was impressed with the technician’s knowledge of the products. I left the salon with a beautiful bouncy blow-dry, hair that looked a shade lighter at the roots and felt denser and more refreshed than it had in years.

How To Get Beautiful Skin


Not everyone’s skin is the same. Using natural skin products, like Aveda, to cleanse and replenish your skin can help eliminate the guessing game caused by other brand name non-natural products. I recommend all our Lotus Day Spa & Salon Guests to cleanse their face twice a day to avoid breakouts and dryness.  Dryness is also one of the biggest challenges in desert climates like Yuma.


Even if wearing makeup isn’t your thing, get in the habit of cleaning your face twice daily. Having a clean face can help you achieve a natural glow. See below for two additional tips that will keep your skin healthy and refreshed in Yuma, AZ.


Stay Hydrated: Water is Your Friend!

Our bodies require water to function and one of the many functions water contributed to is balanced skin. Believe it or not the skin on your face can take a lot of harsh eliminates such as dehydration, pollution and constant sun exposure. The challenge is if you don’t stay hydrated, you will see increased signs of aging. Try to consume 8 to 10 glasses of water a day to keep your skin hydrated. Remember, when in doubt drink from the spout!


Apply Sunscreen Always!

Sunscreen is the most essential beauty tool needed; however, it always seems to be the one thing that is forgotten when packing for a fun summer vacation. Apply sunscreen every day and at times multiple times a day depending on how often you are in the sun. The skincare industry has made sunscreen a staple, check out products like Aveda, that offer sunscreen within foundation and moisturizers.


Not sure what natural products to use? No worries, come visit us at Lotus Day Spa & Salon in beautiful Yuma and we’d be happy to help you select the proper skincare products.

5 Tips For Clean Teen Skin


Nearly every teen suffers from breakouts at some point during puberty. During these years there is a surge of androgen hormones with in the body. Androgens stimulate the sebaceous glands creating an oilier complexion making teens more prone to breakouts.  According to the American Academy of Dermatology, Acne is the most common skin disorder in the U.S.


Teen and pre-teen acne typically can begin between the ages of 10 and 13.   It usually starts around the nose and can spread to the forehead and beyond.  As early as 9, girls and boys should start to  cleanse their faces every night before bed. If you are in your teens, this is a good time to begin taking care of your face the right way, so you can develop good skin care habits into adulthood.




1.  CLEANSE.   Daily facial cleansing is important. Sometimes, this alone can improve mild comedones. A comedo or acne lesion, (Zit) occurs when a plug of oil and dead skin cells become trapped with in a hair follicle.  Think Blackheads and whiteheads.   Using a mild cleanser containing some Salicylic Acid twice a day (morning and night) may help prevent your pores from getting clogged.  Never go to bed with your make-up on.  But don’t go overboard either. To much cleansing or scrubbing can actually irritate and stimulate your skin, producing more oil.   If your skin is very oily during the day, you can use acne pads or rice paper to absorb the oil.  This is great for boys or girls.  Boys can keep the rice paper in their pockets.  Aveda’s Outer Peace foam cleanser  cleans deep into pores dissolving make-up, oil, sebum and other impurities without over drying. The Outer Peace Acne Pads have been clinically proven to help eliminate blackheads and keep skin consistently clear.  It delivers medicine (salicylic acid) deep into the pores and helps prevent future breakouts.  This is one of my personal favorites. I use these pads myself and they never leave my skin feeling dry.


2.  MOISTURIZE.  Although your skin is oily, you still need to moisturize after cleansing using an oil free product.   Aveda’s Outer Peace Acne Relief lotion is a lightweight moisture-balancing lotion that also helps clear blemishes.  It minimized the appearance of pores and helps to prevent future breakouts.


3. ZIP POPPING  Please keep your hands off your face.  I know it’s tempting when you see that huge juicy zit on your face to pick, pop or squeeze.  But you can do considerable damage to your skin.  Remember, a pimple is temporary but a scar will last forever.   You can use a spot treatment if you need to.   Like Aveda’s Acne Spot Relief.  It will reduce the redness and swelling.


4. FACIALS The results you get from acne facial treatments depends on many factors.  How severe is your acne?  How often do you have the treatments done? How consistent are you with skin care regimens at home?  And how skilled is the esthetician?


Teens or adults with blackheads and other non-inflammatory blemishes may find regular facial treatments help reduce breakouts and keep skin looking smoother.  During a facial, your Lotus esthetician, performs extractions by manually removing pore blockages.  She will start by thoroughly cleansing your face. She will also apply masks and other products to reduce surface oil, remove dead skin cells, soothe or hydrate and will recommend some of these products for you to take home.  Your technician will know if a case of inflamed acne is beyond her expertise and will refer you to a dermatologist. Also if you are taking Accutane or Retin A, please consult your doctor about getting facials.


5. HOME CARE. You are more likely to keep a regime going at home if you have the right products.  Besides cleansing and moisturizing, using a weekly mask or exfoliator will encourage new skin to come to the surface faster.  Aveda’s Deep Cleansing Herbal Clay Masque will deep clean your pores.  And the Outer Peace Cooling masque will instantly calm skin and reduce redness.   When examining your skin, your Lotus technician can recommend the right Masque for you.   And always remember to protect your skin from the sun with sunscreen with a minimum SPF 15.  This will reduce your chances of skin cancer and premature aging.


For you girls, Lotus can also give you tips on the right make-up to use.  and always make sure to clean your make-up brushes a few times a week with mild soap and then spray them with rubbing alcohol. Otherwise your brush will be loaded with bacteria.  Use disposable applicators when possible.
Even if you are super busy,  try not to neglect your skin.  Developing good habits now can keep your skin looking healthy through most of your life.

Ten Tips for Smooth Hair



Always begin with freshly washed hair. This is especially important if you
want your sleek/smooth blow-out to last for several days. Start with the
right shampoo and conditioner. AVEDA Smooth Infusion Shampoo
and Conditioner cleanses and conditions to create a perfect
foundation for smooth sleek hairstyles.



Always blot wet hair with a towel to remove excess moisture. Don’t rub! It creates frizz. Spray Brilliant Damage Control on damp hair to detangle,
reduce breakage and protect from thermal damage.



Always use a styling product before blow-drying your hair. Apply small amount ofSmooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother evenly from roots to ends to protect from heat styling and defend against humidity for up to 12 hours.



To shorten the time it takes to dry your hair, “rough-dry” it using only your hands. Use this technique until hair is about 80% dry.



Use clips to section hair off into small, manageable sections. Each section
of hair should be no larger than the width of the brush you are using.
By blow-drying hair section-by-section you ensure a nice,
smooth and consistent blow-dry.



Using an AVEDA Wooden Styling Brush and a blow-dryer with a nozzle attachment on high-heat, direct the nozzle downward starting at the top of the section all the way to the ends. This helps smooth the cuticle down, while eliminating frizz. Continue this technique section by section.



When hair is 100% dry, use cool air to set. This closes the hair’s cuticle and ensures your smooth blow-dry will last longer.



Always apply a finishing product on hair before flat ironing for added slip, shine and heat protection. Run small amount of Light Elements Smoothing Fluidthrough hair and follow section by section with flat-iron heat.



If you want to finish your hair with hair spray, make sure you use a very dry spray so that the hair does not get wet and revert to unwanted curl/wave.Aveda’s Air Control Hair Spray features a water-free formula that sprays on dry, provides light/flexible hold and helps protect hair from humidity.



In order to help extend the life of your blow dry, it helps to sleep on a silk pillow case or wrap your hair in a silk scarf before bed. This keeps the hair from rubbing up on the pillowcase and causing frizz. For thick/coarse hair, applySmooth Infusion Style-Prep Smoother before bed. This helps maximize smoothness and helps prevent excess volume in the morning.